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The Peace and Prosperity Kitchen Garden was established by the Governor and Mr Howard, and is a focal point for a range of community engagement programs, including the Government House Scarecrow Program. 


The Government House Scarecrow Program invites students from specialist schools from around Victoria to create a scarecrow for the Peace and Prosperity Kitchen Garden. The students are then invited to visit Government House to deliver and install their scarecrow, together with the Governor and Mr Howard. 

This week, middle and senior students from Emerson School in Dandenong and Springvale Park Special Development School delivered scarecrows ‘James’ and ‘Graham’, created with the help of their teachers. 

With over 400 students, Emerson School is one of the largest specialist schools in Victoria. It provides a range of learning subjects and programs that covers the Victorian Curriculum and and also supports the particular needs of individual students. 

Springvale Park Special Development School aims to empower their students by building independence through important communication and functional life skills. The school develops individual learning plans for all students to support them in their learning and focuses on abilities-based learning to achieve the best outcomes for their students. 

Students are given a tour of the State Apartments as part of their visit – learn more about tours of the State Apartments on this page