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The Governor this week conducted a virtual visit to the Shire of Corangamite, and conducted another virtual investiture.




The Governor this week conducted a virtual visit to the Shire of Corangamite – a beautiful part of Victoria which stretches from the coastal town of Port Campbell, as far as the inland town of Skipton at its northernmost point.  The Governor received a virtual briefing from Corangamite’s Mayor and CEO, who highlighted the way in which their local communities are adapting to the challenges which all Victorians have faced during COVID-19. This was followed by a virtual visit to the Mount Elephant Community Group, to hear about their initiatives in protecting and restoring the natural environment on and around Mount Elephant, and their work in developing walking tracks and other facilities to encourage visitation to the area. The Governor also had the opportunity to meet with the Deputy Chair and General Manager of Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, regarding their work with local municipalities, tourism associations and tourism related operators and how their work has been affected by COVID-19. For more information about the Shire of Corangamite, visit their website.

The Governor continued her virtual call program, meeting with and speaking to representatives from numerious Victorian organisations such as the Gardiner Foundation, which represents Victoria’s dairy farmers and the dairy industry through advocating for and investing in initiatives which support the integral work of Victorian farmers in this industry. The Governor also continued her renewed program of physical meetings at Government House, and was delighted to welcome Mr Michael Kleine, Consul General of the United States of America to hear updates on how COVID-19 has affected US citizens working and living in our State.  

In addition to the virtual program, the Governor this week was called upon to conduct commissioning ceremonies for three new Ministers of the Victorian Government. The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP, Minister for Crime Prevention, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, and Minister for Victim Support, Mr Shaun Leane MLC, Minister for Local Government, Minister for Suburban Development and Minister for Veterans, and Mr Danny Pearson MP as Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Regulatory Reform and Minister for Government Services were sworn-in by the Governor, in the presence of the Premier, at separate ceremonies held at Government House. Following the face-to-face swearing-in of these new Ministers to the Victorian Government,  the Governor also conducted a virtual-swearing for current Ministers who had received new portfolios. 

A swearing in ceremony was also held at Government House for the Hon Justice Kathryn Stynes, as a Judge in the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria, in the presence of the Chief Justice.  These ceremonies form an integral part of the Governor’s constitutional role, and while many of these ceremonies have been conducted virtually during COVID-19, some ceremonies are again being conducted physically, with careful adherence to physical distancing requirements. For more information on the Governor’s constitutional role, visit this page.