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The Parliament of Victoria was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1954 on Her Majesty's first Official Tour of Australia

The 59th Parliament of Victoria will be opened by the Governor on Wednesday 19 December 2018.


The Governor is the representative of the Crown in Victoria’s Parliamentary system. Under the Victorian Constitution, Victoria’s Parliamentary structure comprises the Crown, the Legislative Council, and the Legislative Assembly.

The Governor’s constitutional duties for the Opening of Parliament include setting a date for an Opening, appointing Commissioners on her behalf to swear in Members, and reading a Speech which has been prepared by the Government, outlining the Government's proposed legislative program for the next four years. 

The Opening of Parliament will be webcast, with official ceremonies commencing at 10am. The formal Opening by the Governor will be at 2 pm and, by tradition, will be in the Legislative Council Chamber. 

To watch a live stream of the Opening of Parliament, click here.

More information about the Opening of Parliament can be found here