This week the Governor had the opportunity to speak with members of Sikh Volunteers Australia.


Sikh Volunteers Australia have become synonymous with assisting Victorians during times of crisis, with their volunteers providing food and meal delivery to the homeless and to people in times of crisis. They have provided over 90,000 meals since March, in response to COVID-19 and were on the frontline supporting emergency service workers and regional Victorians affected by the 2019/2020 summer bushfires.

Since 2014 the organisation – which operates under the motto “In the Service of Humanity” – has worked with a large network of volunteers, in addition to partnering with non-profit organisations and local councils, to provide free food, meals and drinking water to those in need. From pizza to dahl, a variety of meals and cuisines are prepared daily, and distributed from their food van and take-away kitchen.  

Speaking via video link the Governor heard how through their work of emergency relief, Sikh Volunteers Australia have been able to promote understanding and harmony among Victorians from varied cultural backgrounds. During the round table volunteers highlighted the ways in which their involvement in the community often helps to start a conversation, promoting understanding and connection among disparate groups within the broader community.

For more information about Sikh Volunteers Australia, visit their website.