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The Governor and Mr Howard virtually visited the pop-up COVID-19 Vaccination Hub at Assumption College in Kilmore. 


The Governor and Mr Howard met virtually with Kate Fogarty, Principal of Assumption College Kilmore, to hear about the establishment of the Vaccination Hub on Campus.  Ms Fogarty spoke to the Governor and Mr Howard about the unique issues Assumption College has faced, being located in a Local Government Area which straddles both Metropolitan and Regional Victoria, with the additional challenge of some students being boarders from New South Wales. 

During the visit, the Governor and Mr Howard spoke with students, including the 2022 School Captains, to hear not only about how the pandemic has affected them, but also their insights into the establishment of the vaccination hub at their school, and the importance of being vaccinated. 

The Hub has been running at Assumption College since early September, with the aim of ensuring all senior students have been vaccinated ahead of the VCE General Achievement Test (GAT).  

The Vaccination Hub is being run by Nexus Primary Health, a community health service founded more than 40 years ago to service several local communities including the Mitchell, Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shires. Nurses from Nexus who were administering the injections spoke with the Governor and Mr Howard about the program. 

Assumption College is a Catholic co-educational secondary day and boarding school located in the town of Kilmore, Victoria. The College was founded as a day school in 1893, and first took in boarders in 1901 to meet the educational needs of families throughout regional Victoria and southern New South Wales.  Learn more about Assumption College here