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Recorded message by the Governor for the Anniversary of the PRRT at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


I am pleased to be joining you all to celebrate the work that is being undertaken at Peter Mac in relation to Neuroendocrine Tumours.

A key part of that is the Peptide Reception Radionuclide Therapy, now conducted there for a quarter of a century.

I was tempted to launch into a description of PRRT, but I am conscious to resist the tendency to describe something to the group of people who are already right across it. The more so in this instance when many of you watching this are either clinicians or technicians in the field, or the direct beneficiaries of their expertise.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of this treatment.

But I do know how much it matters. I know how fortunate we are to have it, and to be served here in Victoria by the world-renowned Cancer Centre.

In fact, in the context of this event, a special congratulations is due to Peter Mac as the first centre outside the European Union to have received accreditation as a Neuroendocrine Centre of Excellence.

Terrific technology is of course just one part of that excellence.

We are blessed by the expert practitioners and researchers in our midst. For their skills. But also for the care that they show.

I have seen it closeup. As a Board member of the Unicorn Foundation before I commenced in this role, I was privy to Professor Rod Hicks’s commitment to patient care. He was passionate about the science, but the patient – the person – was always at the heart of his work and his advocacy.

I understand that Rod is stepping back. I am pleased for this opportunity to celebrate his contribution and his great legacy through the team, the knowledge and the culture that he has helped to build.

It has been my great good fortune to experience the work of another contributor in this field.

The CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia, Simone Leyden, is a star. I can’t imagine that anyone present today does not know that. She is as charming as she is tenacious in chasing every aspect of the best care and support for NET patients.

So, as I am not really sure that I can wish a happy 25th birthday (as such) to PRRT, perhaps I can just say, ‘Thank you’ to CEO Professor Shelley Dolan and everyone at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and at NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

Thank you for what you do at all times, but particularly for what you have been achieving for patients across what have been challenging times of the pandemic – for you as well as for them.

I wish you and all those at this virtual event the very best.