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The Governor gave a speech at an event focused on Women in Technology at the Swinburne University Campus in Hanoi.


Tony and I, and our delegation, are delighted to be here for the launch of Swinburne University’s Hanoi Campus.

This is our second day in Hanoi. Like so many other Australians and Victorians, we have been here before as tourists. This is our first official visit.

We have been struck by the warmth of the welcome, and the beauty and the energy of the city.

The relationship between Victoria and Vietnam is a close one.

We have much in common.

Some 190,000 Victorians have Vietnamese ancestry. And, in just the last four years, some 50,000 Vietnamese students have come to study with us in Victoria. More than in any other part of the country.

Already Vietnam and Victoria share a strong trade and investment relationship.

And in March 2018, the State of Victoria signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam to encourage direct government to government, business to business and people to people exchanges in trade, investment, and in sectors including smart cities, agriculture, environment and clean energy, and education and training.

Victoria recognises Vietnam’s rapid growth and strongly performing economy.

Victoria too is growing rapidly. After a quarter century of year on year growth, Victoria’s economy is growing faster than any other part of the country.

Our population is also growing most rapidly. Soon, Melbourne will be the biggest city in Australia. We also have the nation’s most significant infrastructure program underway.

You may be aware that Melbourne, our capital city, has consistently been named in the top 3 of the world’s Most Liveable Cities, according to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit.

I am proud of that, and think that many features contribute to it. A 24 hour curfew free airport, great urban design, a vast calendar of major sports and arts events, a strongly growing innovation ecosystem and an emphasis on environment and clean energy are some examples.

But the perfect scores it has received in infrastructure, healthcare and education are significant factors.

It is, of course, a focus on the best education for our young people that brings us together today.

Victoria, a State without the vast mineral resources of some other parts of Australia, has always emphasised education and knowledge, in order to achieve prosperity.

We are blessed with many of Australia’s leading research, higher education and vocational education and training institutes.

Victoria's 10 universities are amongst the best in the world, all rated highly across the different rankings.

Strengths of Victoria’s system include a focus on creative and critical thinking, responsiveness to industry needs, flexibility of delivery and high employment rates after study.

We are proud of Swinburne University.

It is one of Victoria’s largest public universities, with over 50,000 students.

It is a leader in science, technology, innovation and social inclusion.

And it understands that integration with industry is essential to the education of work ready graduates, particularly to prepare them for Industry 4.0.

This is why Swinburne University is partnering with the FPT Group.

FPT Group shares the vision that to ensure training meets the skills demand, industry and ‘on the job training’ must be at its centre.

As a global technology and ICT services group headquartered in Vietnam, with 32,000 employees around the world – including in its Melbourne office – the FPT Group has the experience to ensure the success of its education.

How impressive that FPT University can claim a 98 per cent successful employment rate for its 36,000 students across its four campuses.

It is a renowned pioneer in research and development of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

This new partnership will see Swinburne University delivering Bachelor degrees in Information and Communication Technology, Business, and Media and Communications at this campus. This year to 100 students in Hanoi, with 300 students joining in each following year.

It will also enhance student mobility opportunities between Victoria and Vietnam and offer professional training opportunities at the FPT Group.

I want to finish by noting something particularly important that will flow from this new partnership.

We know already, as the State in Australia that welcomes nearly 230,000 international students each year, that amongst the important by-products of collaborative education are the relationships that are forged between our young people.

Victoria is keen to enhance two-way student mobility and research partnerships with Vietnam. We know that is how we can best foster critical, creative and global minded citizens, with the trusted networks to collaborate on the world’s shared challenges and opportunities.

Thank you to Swinburne and FPT for such an important step on that path. I will be proud to launch Swinburne University’s new Hanoi Centre shortly.


Women in Technology event at Swinburne University Hanoi