Find out about the Governor's program and events at Government House.

Speeches delivered by the Governor of Victoria.

Find out the daily program of the Governor and her husband Mr Howard.

The Governor and Mr Howard spent the day in Geelong. 
A message from the Governor of Victoria for the 2021 Mother's Day Classic.

One of the highlights of the program at Government House Victoria is the Peace & Prosperity

This week, the Governor resumed her program of regional visits with a trip to Wellington Shire. 
The Governor visited Wellington Shire in Victoria’s southeast this week. 
While on a regional visit to Wellington Shire, the Governor officially unveiled a plaque commemorating the permanent home of the ‘Thank You’ mural.
This year, the Governor and Mr Howard participated in several ceremonies to mark ANZAC Day.
This week, the Governor and Mr Howard hosted and attended various functions focusing on the contribution of Victorians to our community.