How to invite the Governor to an event. 

    Invitations to the Governor

    Information required

    If you would like to send an invitation to the Governor and/or Professor Davis, the invitation should be: 

    • in writing
    • signed by the most senior member of the organisation, for example, the Chair or President
    • addressed to the Official Secretary.

    Where possible, invitations should arrive at least three months before your event and include the following details:

    • whether the invitation is for the Governor only, Professor Davis only, or both
    • as much about the event as possible, including an outline of the function and its purpose
    • any specific role requested of the Governor and/or Professor Davis
    • expected timings.

    Where to send your invitation or request

    All invitations or requests to the Governor to attend or host an event must be sent to the Official Secretary.

    Mr Jonathan Burke
    Official Secretary
    Office of the Governor
    Government House
    Melbourne 3004

    You can email your invitation or request to the Official Secretary at