Speeches delivered by the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC.

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'I know that such courageous acts will continue, because we are fortunate to live in a fundamentally kind and caring community.'
'Victoria’s $70 billion fashion industry could not have its local retail and its export success without the brilliant dreamers.'
'Scientists and scientific inquiry have shaped the environment in which we live, how we live and our understanding of ourselves, of others and of our planet.'
'Victoria has been proud that our capital city, Melbourne, has been the partner city for this, the largest annual design event in Asia.'
'One of the strengths in Melbourne’s presence here in Hong Kong is that all of Victoria’s five key design schools are participating and collaborating.'
'I cannot think of a better compliment to Melbourne than to sit alongside Hong Kong BODW past partners, such as Sweden, Italy, Barcelona and Chicago.'
'You learn to put the team above the individual. You master the art of taking instructions, working innovatively and thinking on the go.'



Mr Anton Leschen, General Manager Victoria, The Smith Family

Ms Rachel Smith, Principal of St Joseph’s Primary School

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