Speeches delivered by the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC.

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'You are important. You are young, and on the cusp of all sorts of opportunities, possibilities, experiences and adventures.'
'There is barely a street across Victoria that hasn’t heard scales or sonatas practised in anticipation of an AMEB examination.'
'A world economy that depends on innovative solutions to major energy, medical technology and food production demands, I think, plays to our strengths.'
'And so, through grandmas and grannies, nanas and nonnas, ya-yas and lao laos, bubbes and jaddas, we have a universal symbol by which we can tell our stories.'
'What an enigma it is that we have still not managed to come close to achieving equality for half of the Australian population. The female half.'
'Grasp the opportunity in both hands. If you prosper in your careers, we all prosper.'
'Today, 170 years later, the Hospital has more than 1,100 doctors, more than 2,000 nurses and more than 500 other allied health professionals.'
'And so it is that all of us, right here at home, must remember everything that has been given to us and for us, by our defence forces.'