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The Governor at Maryborough Library.

Recapping this week in the Governor’s program


It was a week of firsts in the Governor’s program, with the Governor presiding at the first Ministerial swearing-in of her tenure, as well as experiencing her first official regional tour.

This week has reflected central elements of the Governor’s role, including constitutional responsibilities to uphold the state’s democratic system, as well as community engagement to promote unity, respect and confidence amongst the people of Victoria.

Appointment of the Premier and Ministers

The appointment of Ministers is an important feature of the Governor’s Constitutional responsibilities in Victoria’s democratic system, ensuring the orderly transition of power.

On 27 September 2023, the Governor commissioned 49th Premier of the State of Victoria, The Honourable Jacinta Allan MP.

The Governor and the Premier of Victoria.
The Governor and the Premier of Victoria.

After receiving and subsequently accepting the resignation of the 48th Premier of Victoria, the Honourable Daniel Andrews MP, the Governor received the call of the Premier-elect who advised that they had been elected leader of the governing party, commanding the confidence of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria.

The Governor proceeded to Commission the Premier-elect, who made an Oath in respect to their responsibilities as Premier, before signing a copy of the Oath. The process concluded with the signing of the Commission of appointment.

The following week, after having been informed by the new Premier that there had been a change to her Ministry, the Governor accepted the Premier’s recommendation to resign the current Ministry.

Ministerial Swearing-in Ceremony

On Monday 2 October, the Governor commissioned Ministers in the Allan Government in a ceremony at Government House. Like the swearing-in of the Premier, there are both constitutional and ceremonial duties as part of this process.

During the ceremony, the Premier presented her new Ministry, with each Minister taking an Oath or Affirmation of Office before the Governor signed their Commission.

The Governor commissioning the Minister for Health, Health Infrastructure, and Ambulance Services
The Governor commissioning the Minister for Health, Health Infrastructure, and Ambulance Services.

Eltham MP Vicki Ward was sworn in as Minister for the first time. The Premier also announced that Minister Ben Carroll will be Deputy Premier and Steve McGhie will be Cabinet Secretary.

You can watch a recording of the Ministerial swearing-in ceremony.

Community Engagement in the Central Goldfields Shire

This week the Governor also embarked on her first official visit to regional Victoria with a tour of Central Goldfields Shire. This tour is as part of a program of community engagement – another feature of the Governor’s role.

Community engagement allows the opportunity to recognise the contributions of Victorians, interact with volunteer organisations, engage in discussions with community leaders, and support cultural activities.

The Central Goldfields has a rich history and now plays an important role in contemporary Victoria as a unique destination for tourists and as the home of innovative Victorian businesses.

The trip was a chance to gain insights into the local community as well as the depth and variety of talent and enterprise in the region. Meetings with Councillors, the Go Goldfields partnership initiative, the Climate Action Stewarding Group and the Central Goldfields Youth Council all offered insights into local priorities in the region.

The Governor at Maryborough Library.
The Governor reading a book to children at a storytime session at Maryborough Library.

Visits to the Maryborough Railway Station Precinct, the Bull Gully Aboriginal Rock Wells and the Dunolly Goldfields Museum showed the rich history that has shaped the area.

And tours of local businesses, health services and schools demonstrated the important roles these bodies play in the local communities through their service delivery.