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The Governor on a walking tour of Swan Hill

Read about the Governor’s Regional Tour to Mildura and Swan Hill. 


Earlier this month, the Governor returned from a regional tour of Mildura and Swan Hill.  

Situated in the North-West corner of Victoria, the Mallee region is a unique environment that has provided opportunities and challenges for many generations. 

This area has been defined by a rich history of innovation to work with the land in key sectors of agriculture, forestry and fishing. 

The official visit with Mildura Rural City Council and Swan Hill Rural City Council was a chance to learn more about the region’s history, tour some innovative local businesses and engage with community members to understand issues and priorities. 

Learning more about the region's history

This region shows a commitment to conserving its history and carrying it into the future. 

Much of the Mildura’s growth as a city can be attributed to its pioneering work in irrigation, circumventing the challenges of drought to produce significant harvests. 

During the visit, the Governor toured the Psyche Bend Pumping Station and the Chaffey Trail in Mildura to gain a better understanding of this history. 

The Governor also attended the Red Cliffs War Memorial, taking the opportunity to lay a wreath on behalf of the people of Victoria. 

The Governor during a visit to the Red Cliffs RSL Museum.
The Governor during a visit to the Red Cliffs RSL Museum.

In Robinvale, the Governor toured the Robinswood Historic Homestead and planted a tree in Robinvale Memorial Park to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Sister City relationship with Villers-Bretonneux. 

“Having spoken with members of the community, I’m certain that the people of Robinvale will continue to preserve this town’s rich history for generations to come.” – The Governor during the visit to Robinvale 

The regional tour concluded with a tour of the Lake Boga Silo Art and the Catalina Flying Boat Museum.

Seeing innovation firsthand

This region’s economic contribution is influenced by from agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and tourism businesses. 

“…the role that rural and regional Victoria plays in this state’s economic and cultural prosperity is very important. A lot of what makes up our economy can’t come from any other place than from here.” – The Governor at a Civic Reception in Swan Hill 

Connecting Victoria with South Australia and New South Wales, Mildura also plays an important role in transport and warehouse services. 

These services connect Victorians and their work with the broader Australian community, allowing for greater two-way trade. 

Tours of the Mildura Fruit Company and GTS Freight Management offered the chance to speak to employees about their work to support trade and exports. 

A visit to the Australian Garlic Factory also provided an insight into how local farming has evolved over time, with the company now progressing innovative research into the anti-viral properties of its garlic. 

The Governor during a visit to the Australian Garlic Factory.
The Governor during a visit to the Australian Garlic Factory.

While in Swan Hill, the Governor also toured Cobram Estate to learn more about the agricultural strength of this region. 

Engaging with community members

During the regional tour, the Governor spoke with local artists, hospitality workers, educators, and agricultural workers, to name a few, to understand their work and the impact it has in their community. 

Civic receptions held at both Mildura and Swan Hill were opportunities to meet with community members and reflect on this region’s important role in our State. 

A visit to Red Cliffs East Primary School was a chance to speak with students and hear about their plans for the future as the school celebrates its centenary. The Governor also attended a morning tea with students from Lake Boga Primary School. 

“You’re observing information in so many different forms, you get a chance to ask people things in the moment while you’re looking at something. You get a feel of a community and how it’s going, that’s really almost as important as the facts and figures." – The Governor during the official visit to Mildura 

In Swan Hill, the Governor officially opened Mully’s Place – an inspired repurposing of function space at the Swan Hill Town Hall, giving locals and visitors a place to share in the experience of food, drinks, and live music. 

The Governor at the opening of Mully’s Place at the Swan Hill Town Hall.
The Governor at the opening of Mully’s Place at the Swan Hill Town Hall.

Named after community member and former Town Hall Manager, Daryl “Mully” Pearce, the space provides for community and creativity in Swan Hill. 

You can read the Governor’s speeches at the Mildura Civic Reception and the Swan Hill Civic Reception.  

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