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Santiago Lopez-Lochert Scholarship Program Reception

'This generation certainly yearns to travel in order to study and learn.'

Bogata Alumni Launch Reception

'Trade between Victoria and Latin America has more than doubled in the past ten years, with a substantial increase of 25 per cent in the last four years alone.'

C2 Conference: Da Vinci, the Modern Polymath and Creative Collisions

'We need people like da Vinci whose work – whether in ground-breaking science or breathtaking art – has at its heart, a reverence for the wonders of humankind.'

Montreal C2 Melbourne Cocktail Function

'In the case of Melbourne, from early times, we’ve had an appetite for knowledge and creative solutions to problems.'

European Ambassadors' Lunch

'A world economy that depends on innovative solutions to major energy, medical technology and food production demands, I think, plays to our strengths.'

Arab Ambassadors' Lunch at the Embassy of Kuwait

"Amongst our diverse community, we have 100,000 Victorians who were born in the Middle East or North Africa, and almost 200,000 with ancestral ties."

International Students Welcome Reception Speech

"You have come to the State with the largest number of international students: from over 90 countries, studying in more than 500 Victorian schools."

World Congress Of Phlebology Welcome And Award Ceremony

"Many of you are driving the research, treatment and innovation needed to provide the very best care for the elderly as well as other vulnerable groups."

Israel–Australia Chamber Of Commerce Reception

"The continuing success of our partnerships is a testament to the calibre of the people working hard in both our countries."

Asia 21 Young Leaders Annual Summit

Speech by the Governor of Victoria for the Asia 21 Young Leaders Annual Summit.

Consular Corps Dinner

Speech by the Governor of Victoria for the Consular Corps Dinner.

100 Years of Finland's Independence

Speech by the Governor of Victoria to commemorate 100 years of Finland's independence.